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The PlayFast Lacrosse Podcast is designed to be short-form discussions with coaches, players, and industry professionals to discuss all things lacrosse. Our goal is to provide tips and guidance via thoughtful discussion for topics such as recruiting for high school players and families, drills, game plans, and coaching techniques for coaches, and insights into the lacrosse world with industry professionals such as equipment manufacturers, club coaches, tournament and event directors, pro players, and more.

We will also be featuring a special series on NJ High School Lacrosse throughout the spring season, breaking down past and upcoming games, ranking top teams, discussing standout players and storylines throughout the season. Our goal with this series is to provide the much deserved attention to NJ lacrosse. These episodes, along with other special series, will go beyond our typical short format.

Interested in reaching thousands of potential customers in lacrosse community? Contact us above to sponsor the show! Sponsors will get exposure far beyond just the PlayFast Podcast with our 30,000+ email distribution list and 14,000+ social media followers. Sponsors will receive exclusive social media posts and emails, 15-30 second live ads in the show, and special recognition throughout the show.

Interested in being a guest on the show? Fill out the form above! We'd love to speak with anyone in the lacrosse community to discuss a variety of topics and promote your program, business, or platform. 

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