Elite Exposure College Coaches.png

Elite Exposure Showcase

August 4th, 2021

Capelli Sports Complex

Tinton Falls, NJ

Competitive practice with college coaches


2+ games per team


College Coach Q&A




"Great Event with high quality coaching and competition. This event stands out against others because of the hands on coaching throughout the day, especially during the drills"


- Jason K - Parent

"Q4 Lacrosse put on an amazing event. In all my years coaching both on the college and high school level I think this was the most organized and well received event I have ever attended. Q4 Lacrosse is certainly a name I feel we will be seeing and hearing a lot of in the near future. I will gladly support anything that they put their name on. When it runs well it makes my job easier."


- College Coach

"The Iron 44 Combine is a great way to showcase your skills in front of college coaches. Even though my year had to do it almost strictly through film/video, I knew I had to work hard every second because the coaches here constantly push you. Great event!"


- Noah (Player)